We all have times when we seem extremely busy. My family is in the midst of one of those times. We have family visiting us and high school graduation and a son in Army boot camp (just a few days left). We have work and classes to teach and questions to answer and bills to pay. A month ago was much more peaceful, a month hence will be more peaceful, but now is not peaceful.

Yet, I can be peaceful. This is one of the great gifts of God, the ability to be at peace when your situation is not peaceful. It is one of the primary strengths of the excellent wife, that she remains at peace. She may be in the midst of a storm, but she is at peace.

Peace comes from knowing that God is sovereign over all things. God is not "reacting" to events, He governs events. He is not shocked that someone ran a light and hit your car. He is not disappointed that your washing machine broke down just when you needed it most. He is not outraged at your neighbors for having a late night party. He is sovereign. 

The old Japanese had a saying for their emperor. He was said to "reign, but not to rule." This meant that although he was emperor, he did not actually make decisions. His job was to "be the emperor" and he was to allow the democratic government to make decisions, He did not set tariffs or plan highways. Yet, he reigned. 

Many of us have the same idea of God. We think He is not really ruling His universe. We believe that He needs us to worry about things. We are wrong. He not only reigns, He rules. 

Once you understand that God reigns and rules, you can sing while imprisoned, as Paul did. You can worship when your ship sinks, as Paul did. You can patiently endure trials, as Paul did. 

You can also take care of your family without needless drama. Your yelling will not change things for the better. Verbally abusing a child will not make the child more godly or wise. "Throwing a fit" will not make your marriage relationship stronger. The godly woman is a woman of peace, just as the godly man is a man of peace.

My busy weekend exists because God has so ordained the schedules and activities of my life. It is not because I signed up for a lot of nonsense, but because this is how God established it for me. So, I endure it. I remain at peace during graduations and during basic training and during all things, because I know that "all things work together for good" on my behalf. 

Even on Mondays.

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