I am listening to a great song as performed by Louis Armstrong. The song is "A Kiss to Build a Dream On." (Some of you will remember it from the "Sleepless in Seattle" soundtrack.) It's a nice song of the old style, with a man seeking a kiss on which he can dream while away from his love. It is filled with the love and longing of a true relationship.

It makes me wonder, though, what your husbands "dream on" during their days of work and worry and absence from home. When he left today, with what did he leave? When he arrives home, with what is he greeted? 

Remember when a kiss was a big thing for both of you. Maybe it still is, maybe things have changed.  Either way, ask yourself whether your husband has "a kiss to build a dream on," or whether he is "just coming home." When he thinks of you during the day, is there a kiss to remember, or just things to do and problems to solve? As he drives home, and thinks of you, what does he expect as he walks in the door?

When he walks in today, will he receive a kiss of welcome and of love, a moment of tenderness before the news of the day?

Does he dream upon a kiss?
6/28/2023 04:20:28 pm

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