Have you ever had one of those days when it seems like everything takes longer than usual? It is a normal morning, but, somehow, you end up behind what you wanted to accomplish. It can be disturbing and can lead to yet more "putting things off." There is a kind of mindset that says "well, it's late, I'll just have to put this off."

Our duties as husbands and wives often fall into this category as well. We listen to classes and read books about what we "ought to be," but we know that we are not, in fact, what we ought to be. But we are not newlyweds, we have been married for several years. We were trying our best but, somehow, we ended up late. It seems like it would be so hard to start now.

Maybe you have never really been an excellent wife. You thought you were doing "pretty well," but God wants you to be excellent. Maybe you think that it would just upset everything to try and change now. After all, you have stayed married (unlike so many friends) and your husband seems okay with how you are. Things aren't wonderful, but you are getting by. There is a strong temptation to just leave it alone and keep getting by.

When you think this way, spend a little time thinking not just of faithful service (which obviously requires much more care), but of your future. Perhaps you have been so focused on children that you have not "had time" (taken time) to be an excellent wife. But one day the children will be gone, and what then? Maybe you have been trying so hard to be a good church member or a good citizen or a good employee that you have not had time to be an excellent wife. But being a good church member or a good citizen or a good employee does not bring the joy that a good marriage can bring.

There may be almost no love left, but it is not really too late. God is sovereign over all things. He knows your history and your trials. He knows the temptations and the failures. He knows all that you have done. And He wants you to be an excellent wife.

Start today. Sure it's late. So what? Start now. Do something today that makes life better for your husband. Clean up something that has lain dormant too long. Think of a way to be romantic that your husband would like (not just something from some magazine). 

Do not let "being late" end up as an excuse for failure. How many wives have looked back and thought of all they could have done differently? How many have sat in old age with the husband they love and been glad for all they did do differently. 

As long as your husband lives, it is never too late to be an excellent wife. Nor is it too early.

Today is the day.
5/22/2022 07:02:23 pm

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