I have been out of touch for some days, what with work and taking my second daughter to college. We attended a "parents orientation," which is sort of a way to babysit the parents who cannot stand the idea of letting their child out of sight for college. And, of course, to tell us how much we will have to pay.

Hundreds of young men and women, students and "counselors" and such, were everywhere. All single. How much do they know about the next four years? How much do they know about marriage (which is ahead for most of them)? 

The young women leading various events were bright, pleasant, attractive people. Who will they be in 10 years, or in 20 years?

I am always amazed at how many people are divorced within those 10 or 20 years, and it makes me wonder what they are learning. College is not about marriage, of course, and teaches nothing about being an excellent wife (or an excellent husband). They spend hours in classes and on trips and at parties, with no one thinking or talking about being an excellent wife or husband. Then, they get married. 

We need to think about these young women and young men. We need to be ready with a good word for the days when they contemplate marriage and, especially, for the days of their marriage. We need them to know about the wisdom of God as much as they learn about the facts of mankind. The young women need to know how to care for their husbands as much as they know about American history or the music of the Classical period. 

We can pray that the churches of college towns understand this truth and teach it. And let us keep our own children close to us, so we can teach them as well.

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