It has been awhile since I have posted here. I could tell you that I have had too much to do or too many burdens to bear or some other excuse, but that is not true. The reality is that time just gets away from me sometimes. 

Does it get away from you, too? 

Being married means that you spend every day together (unless one of you is traveling). You have lots of time to fill and are together in both good and bad times. Sometimes, you get to the point where you start forgetting each other. 

Don't let today get away from you. At some point today, you and your husband will get back together after being apart. What will your greeting be? Remember when you were excited to see him? Remember when you greeted him with joy?

How long ago was it? 

Boy, it is hard to keep that sense of excitement in the midst of talking about money and children's schools and band trips and stuff. Let's try today.

Make up your mind to greet your husband with joy. Whether you come home or he comes home, find him. Wherever he is in the house, find him. Do not put away all the groceries and then go find him. Do not take care of the laundry or answer all the children's questions and then find him. Find him. 

If he comes home, go meet him. Do not sit at your computer and wait for him to find you. Go find him. Hug him. Kiss him. Let him know you are glad he is there. 

It may shock him, but it's a good shock.

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