Another Monday, this time with rain and cold returning. Another day to get things moving. So, let's think about trust.

We talked, yesterday, about the nature and importance of trust and about the importance of being trustworthy. So, on this rainy day, how about an assessment?

At some point, sit down and think about this question -- How many things are already within your trust? Sounds odd, right? But think about it. How many different aspects of your husband's life are already in your hands?

If you are a homemaker, then "his home" is in your hands. When he comes home, what he comes home to depends upon you. If he comes home to a mess, that is because you let it be that way. If he comes home to order and cleanliness, it is because you made it that way (the Second Law of Thermodynamics is tough to avoid). When he walks in the door, he knows how you handled his trust. 

If you are a worker, who goes away from the home to work, then this is much more complex (because the home is not your duty in the same way at all), but there are other things in your trust, just as in the homemaker's trust. You have duties with regard to the children, with regard to his reputation, and, most of all, with regard to you. In every aspect of your life, you deal with things in which you can either make his life better or make it worse. It is a question of trust.

So, as you sit on this rainy Monday, make a list of the ways in which what you do today impacts your husband. Before we ask "does he trust you" in these things, we must ask "can he trust you". 

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