Sometimes, we get caught up in complicated measures of how good we are doing at being a wife. So, I have a really simple question for you to answer. How did things go this morning at your house?

After everyone is gone (who is going), sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and go back over the morning. Women, I believe, do not often take retrospective looks at their morning. They do not sit down and think about it. So, sit down and think about it.

Was there a moment of warmth between you and your husband this morning? Was there a kiss, a hug, a prayer, a time of togetherness? No? Well, that's not a good sign, is it? Yes? Nicely done. 

Did he leave (if he left) knowing that he had a loving, vibrant wife at home who loved him? No? Yes? 

If you left this morning, to go to your job, did you leave him with a kiss, with a hug, with some knowledge that you would rather be with him than on your job? Yes? No? 

What happened this morning? It's a very simple question. 

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