We lived much of our lives in the Pacific Northwest, where schools started after Labor Day. Then, several years ago, we moved back to the South, where schools begin much earlier. 

And I mean much earlier. Some local schools have already started (on August 1) and my son's high school starts on August 8. 100 degrees and sitting in school is not a plan for pleasure.  

The change is very confusing to me. It makes "summer vacation" seem so short (although they got out in mid-May). Actually, this year, it has never felt like summer vacation at all. 

The restart of school makes me think of the months gone by so quickly. What has happened in those months? Am I better or worse than I was in May? Well, in most ways, I am not better. I have not gotten in better shape (the schedule has cooperated with my natural laziness to interfere with any exercise plan). I am not wealthier (I remember Scrooge's comment about being "a year older and not an hour richer"). I am not noticeably smarter. It can be discouraging to think about these things.

How about you? Have you "redeemed the time," to use the old Bible phrase? Have your last few months strengthened you in your commitment to God and to your husband? Having learned so much, as you better? 

The Excellent Wife is not a machine, but a person. She will, undoubtedly, have times of difficulty and months she looks back on with regret. But she moves forward. Today is the day. Whatever has gone before, today is the day for making yourself better, making your marriage better, making your life better. 

The children go back to school after a couple of months vacation. Maybe its time we all got back to work as well.

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