I think most of us kind of enjoy the holidays, but it can certainly be a time of great busyness. We are two weeks out from Christmas and things are starting to "heat up" a little bit.

In the midst of all the gifting and cooking and baking (and eating), we are also repeatedly told that we are "too busy" doing all the gifting and cooking and baking (and eating). We are told to "be hospitable" but not to "go overboard." We are told that we "celebrate Christmas to remember Christ" but also told "not to forget Christ." We are told that our gifts to others are like the gifts given to Christ, but that we are not supposed to give too many gifts (which seems really odd). 

We are, in short, guilty no matter what we do. We are guilty if we spend to much money or too little money. We are guilty if we invite lots of people over or invite too few. We are guilty if we enjoy Christmas too much and guilty if we do not celebrate it enough. This is crazy.

We sit in churches filled with Christmas decorations to hear sermons about how wrong it is that we decorate too much at Christmas. 

First of all, please remember at all times that Christmas, like all our so-called "Christian holidays," is not something God ordered us to do at all. It has come and gone through history. It is sometimes very popular and sometimes it has been outlawed (by serious Christian rulers, by the way). Today, people think that Christians are the ones who insist on the holiday, but, in fact, it is the most serious Christians who have had the most objection to the holiday over the centuries. 

In short, you cannot "keep Christ in Christmas" because He was never there, except when someone wanted to think of Him in it. The celebration is a purely secular celebration of a day. If you spend any time being upset that lost people do not remember Christ at Christmas, then think about the fact that they don't remember Him any other time either. 

Second, do try to keep your head about you. Christmas is like every other day of your life. Your duty is to love God and love your neighbor. So, how are you doing? It may not be as simple as you think.

For many of us, Christmas is a time of rather undisciplined love. We give more than we should to the people around us, in part because we have lost touch with how to really love them. I can give my children gifts, which is far easier than giving them myself. 

As wives, try to take some of the "busy busy" out of the season, for yourself and your family. Relax a little. Enjoy the time with your family and friends. 

Whether or not to celebrate Christmas is, to be honest, not much of a spiritual question, because it is not really a spiritual holiday (we are past the Old Testament days of feasts and such). But, each day remains a spiritual day on which the spiritual duties are the same. 

Love your husband this Christmas. Love your children. Love your neighbors. Love your God. 

And don't worry too much about the food.

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