One of the common truths we hear about wives is that one of their chief desires is to be cherished. You know what  people mean by this. Wives want to know that their husband cherishes them, that they are special in a way that no one else can be special. I think this is generally true of wives and is a real problem because husbands don't generally know this or know how to handle it.

From a man's point of view, a lot of what we would think of a cherishing seems kind of silly. If he has told you he loves you, then he expects you to remember and he doesn't have to say it all the time. But you want to hear it. Some other things, cuddling, hugs, gifts, etc., just seem redundant to a man who has been married for ten years. But they are not redundant. 

How do you deal with this problem? It really does not help to nag him about cherishing you. First, of course, it is hard to cherish a nag. Second, that kind of ruins the whole thing. 

Here is a suggestion -- cherish him. 

Think about it. How often are you the first to say "I love you"? You would love him to hug you, how often do you hug him? When you sit and watch TV or a movie, who touches whom? 

Are you doing things which show you cherish him? Do you honor and respect (and compliment) what he does? Do you, in public, do little things that tell everyone he is yours and that you are glad he is yours? You know, little things like touching his hair or taking his arm or sitting close. 

If I watched you for a week, how much cherishing would I see between you? 

A man cherishes a woman because of who she is and what she does. Who are you? What are you doing? 

I hope you are cherishing him.

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