We keep moving along toward Christmas and everyone is "getting ready." My house is even getting ready for Christmas. It is like a spring cleaning ritual in many houses, as we finally move piles that have sat idly in the way in order to put up some more Christmas stuff. 

Amazing how things pile up in our lives, isn't it? We set something down and just leave it there. We have a box from a printer we bought last year and it is still sitting right out in the open, because we just have never put it away. (By which I mean that I haven't put it away.) We pile things everywhere. 

When we do start cleaning up, we often quit because we are overwhelmed by how much has piled up. It seems like getting it all straightened out would be too much work. It is easier just to move.

I hear the same thing from pastors, some times. They are trying to get a church moving and trying to change some old things that are no longer helpful, but eventually decide it is easier just to leave for a new church or even start a new church, than to change the old one.

The same thing happens in marriages, doesn't it? Sometimes, we have gotten ourselves into a state where there seems to be no way to clean it up at all. We have lied so often. We have been selfish so often. We have put our needs ahead of others, and the needs of others ahead of our spouse, and we have reached a stage where even talking about cleaning it up is too frightening for us. It feels like all we can do is leave and start over.

But it is not too big. Any pile can be moved, if you are willing to move it. Any church can be changed, if you are willing to take your time and the people are willing. Any marriage can be saved. 

As you clean up and spruce up for visitors or just for the look of it, take some time to think of your  relationship with your husband. Clean up some of the piles of bitterness or anger that you have been leaving in place. Straighten up some of the crooked aspects of your relationship with you husband. 

As you see the Christmas lights go on, make up your mind that this will be a time for a new start, a time where loving your husband will become a focus of your life. 

Once, Christmas with him was all you wanted. Let's get back to that stage again.

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