Sitting in a restaurant, I was suddenly struck by the sheer size of people around me. I realized that every single person in the restaurant was overweight. This is really amazing. 

But even more amazing is that most of them were couples and, apparently, married. And very happy together. They were talking and laughing together. Their love for each other was clear in every comment they made. Hmmm.

I seldom see this in a restaurant. Usually, there are some happy couples, some sad couples, and some people who just seem like strangers sitting across from each other. But, on this day, they were all happy couples. 

Too many of us think that the key to our happiness in marriage is in external things. We think "he would love me if I weren't so fat" or "I could love him if he would lose some weight." We see letters to advice columns complaining that "I just can't love him with all that weight" or complaining that "if she loved me, she wouldn't be so overweight." Yet, here I am, in a restaurant filled with overweight people who seem to love each other. 

It is amazing how hard we work to excuse our unhappiness, to make it someone else's fault (why is he fat) or something else's fault (it's my weight that's the problem), when it is really about loving each other. 

Do not let today be a day of excuses and falsehoods. Love your husband. If you are overweight, so what? Love him anyway. Adding the sin of being unloving will not cure your weight problem. 

If he is overweight, so what? Love him anyway. Refusing to love him will not make him skinny. 

Love is not about who he is or about how much you weigh, it is a decision you make. Love your husband. Whoever he is. Whoever you are. Love your husband today.

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