A fun aspect to focusing on marriage issues is that you have lots of people to watch. Everywhere you go, you can watch couples interact. So, sitting in a restaurant, what do you see? 

One thing you see is lots of couples who seem almost unrelated. They walk in together, but never touch. They watch the televisions (if the restaurant has them) or look at other things. They eat in silence or with occasional comments. They pay (surprising how often the wife pays). They leave together, but without touching. You wonder if they are married at all. You wonder if their home life is like their public life. 

Are you one of these couples? If you are, then stop. Seriously. Just stop it. How? By being different.

You do not stop this by telling your husband to be different. There is nothing so pitiful as a wife telling her husband that he needs to be more loving to her. Besides, you don't really want him to be nicer because he is told to be. You want him to love you. 

Then be loving to him. Dress nicely to go out with your husband. Fix your hair. Take his arm (how often can I say that? Not often enough.). Do not say "touch me more often," touch him more often. You should know how electric a wife's touch can be to a man, why have you given it up? Try sitting beside him instead of across from him.

Talk with him. This does not mean to nag him. Talk with him! Talk about things he cares about and, even more importantly, things he likes to talk about. Listen to him without criticizing everything (or anything) for a little while. Do not, under any circumstances, say anything like "we need to talk more often" or, if he talks, anything like "isn't this nice, why don't we do this more often?" Just enjoy the time you have.

Smile at him. Seriously. Smile at him. You may not realize how seldom you smile. Flirt with him a little. Place your foot on his foot under the table. Sound silly? Who cares? You are married, let him know you are glad to be with him.  

Too many women sit lonely and bored and wish their husband would fix it for them. Our theme for the day is that you can fix it yourself. You might be surprised at how easy it is.

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