In talking about doing things well, we often get caught up in worrying about "all the things we have to do." We feel overwhelmed by the huge number of things we have to take care of (as we see it). So, here is a suggestion for Monday morning - do the next thing well.

Whatever is on your list today, just take the next item and do it really well. Take pride in doing it. Realize how much it affects other people. Folding clothes is a mundane chore that is absolutely critical to the daily happiness of people. When you fold clothes, how do you fold them? Do you fold them in bitterness or boredom or do you fold them as if you were serving the Lord? Or do you just let them sit day after day until someone else in the family does the work?

Paul urges us to a high level of effort in Colossians 3: "Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ." Two points have to be made.

First, he is speaking to servants. He is talking to people who (as slaves or servants) have no freedom to choose what they will do. They do the most menial of tasks in the most menial of settings. They, he says, as to serve Christ in their work. Doing all the little things well means as much to Christ as preaching a sermon, if you do it with the right spirit. 

Second, he says "whatever you do." Whatever is next on your list. Dishes, clothes, cleaning, or diaper changing are things you do not only for your family but for Christ himself. At work, sales and brochures and scheduling and all the myriads of your job are things you do for Christ, not just for your boss. 

So, right now, take the next item on your list. Recognize that it is something that you may not value, but that Christ values
how you do it. With the right spirit, and the right mind, and the right effort, this is your moment of serving Christ. Make it a great moment by serving him "heartily."

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