One of the most basic ideas (certainly the simplest idea) of the Excellent Wife is doing her husband good. The Bible puts this as simply as it may be put: "She does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life." Pro. 31:12. Yet, it remains one of the most commonly ignored ideas in conversations with wives. 

She does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life. Think about the sentence a minute.

She does him good. This is a personal service, not something generalized. She does him good. It does not matter how much good he gets anywhere else. Wives will say "but people do things for him all the time, I don't need to," but they are wrong. The Excellent Wife does her husband good because he is her husband. She does it.

She does him good. Not his children, him. Wives, when asked what good they have done him, will answer by talking about what they do for the children. But this is about him, not them. What are you doing for him?

She does him good. Here is where things get dicey, because women often have an idea of good that is quite foreign to their husbands. They think they are doing him good by nagging him about losing weight or cleaning up his garage or fixing something in the home. They can nag (which is bad) about something and then claim to be doing him "good" by being bad. This is nonsense. The Excellent Wife does him good. She makes his life better. Remember, telling him to make his life better is not doing him good at all. Do something he likes. If he likes to hunt and you hate to hunt, he is not "doing you good" by inviting you to go hunting with him. Likewise, doing what you like is not good for him. A couple we know illustrates this beautifully. The husband had issues with diabetes and such. Over the years, I noticed a real change in the food at their home. It became not only healthier, but was wonderfully made. She (the wife) made the effort not just to nag, but to really work on making healthy meals that were pleasant to eat. That is doing him good.

She does him good, and not harm. If you think about it, is your husband's daily life better because he married you? Does he have as enjoyment as if he were single? Can he do the things he wants and needs to do, or is your marriage such that he spends his time taking care of you? Do not make his life worse. Yesterday, how many times did you smile with him and how many times were you harsh with him? How often do you yell? How often do you tell him to "do this" and "do that?" Does he look forward to being at home with you?

She does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life. Not occasionally. Not sporadically. Not just on his birthday. Every day of her life. Every day, you should wake up and think about what you are going to do, for him, that do. How are you going to make his life better, that day? Not because you think he might leave you, but because he is your husband. 

There is no description of the Excellent Wife that is simpler than this description, yet none more ignored by modern wives.  Do him good today. Be an Excellent Wife.


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