Life is really complicated. Most of the people reading this page probably have children and have been married for some time. When you wake up, you have to immediately start dealing with multiple issues. You have times to get children up and off to school, you may be going to work. You have lunch and dinner and school appointments and music lessons and dental appointments and sometimes the younger children just have a day where they want to scream. As they age, you add soccer practice and baseball practice and more music lessons and sometimes it seems like you cannot catch a breath.

Where's your husband? Right now. Seriously. In the midst of all this noise and trouble, where is he? 

Now, many wives will respond to this question with something about how he ought to be doing more of this stuff. The answer to :"where is he" is, too often, "well, he doesn't help much." But that was not the question.

Where is he? Do you know?  

In the midst of children, it is easy to lose him. It is easy to forget about him in your day of troubles and hassles. For many women, life ends up being about "mothering" not "being a wife." We will even defend this tendency by saying "well, he can take care of himself." 

That's true. He can. So why does he have you? If you have stopped being necessary to his happiness and essential to his life, then why is he still married to you? When a husband remains married because of his faith and convictions regarding God's Word, then he is an excellent man, but he is not a happy man. And you should not be happy either.

If there is too much on your plate, the one thing you cannot push off is him. Your child does not really need to go to three summer camps and two music lessons and play on multiple sports teams while you drive them from event to event every day. You can stop doing some of the "stuff" that keeps you so busy. But you cannot forget your husband. 

Where is your husband? Right now. Seriously. If you can do it, call him and tell him you love him. Do not tell him about little Johnny's band concert or little Susie's work schedule, tell him you love him. 

He might be very surprised.

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