Susan and I are heading out for a couple of days. Our remaining children are gone for a couple of days (band trip) and we are going to visit some family. 

So, we have several hours of driving ahead of us. Just us. No children at all. 

What do you talk about with your husband? Do you ever have times just for one another? We have lots of time when we first marry, less time with the first child, and much less time with extra children. We begin just to talk in order to communicate about things. Eventually, communication seems to end.

So, let's not do that. Of course, you can "make up your mind" not to separate, but that won't make a lot of difference, unless you do something about it. 

So, sit down some time today to talk with your husband. Decide that your goal is to be available at some point just to talk. Sit near him, not across from him, and just visit. Talk about children (if you must), but about other things as well.

And if today doesn't work, try tomorrow. 

Don't let time get away from you.  

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