Time for a software complaint. I wrote a long blog here and just as I got to the end of it, the whole thing got eaten by the software in some mysterious fashion. I hate when that happens. 

Seriously, I wrote the whole thing and it was pretty good, I must admit. It was clever and insightful and full of insightful language. No, really. It was. Now, it is gone. You should have seen it. It was really great. Too bad it was eaten by my computer. 

Sounds pretty lame, doesn't it? There is something really unsatisfying about telling someone how great something was when they can't actually see it. 

I wonder how many of our "marriage classes" are like that. 

We sit in churches in all these classes and people all tell us how great they are doing. Or, perhaps, how great they were doing. They remember days when they were thrilled to be married. They remember how they used to do everything together. Their marriage was great. No, really. It was. 

But, now, well, things are fine, they say. Not really like the old days, but, then, we're older now. We are more settled. The children take a lot of our energy, after all, and we have to get them to all their stuff. So, things are not what they were. 

In Marabel Morgan's Total Woman book, she explained how she suddenly realized that she and her husband just no longer had that fire in their marriage. She thought about it and realized that, well, they were more settled now. The fires burn lower and the passion is gone, but they still have a mature, comfortable life together. 

Then, she said the line that really mattered. She realized that she hated "mature love." She hated having a comfortable marriage. She hated having a marriage with less passion and less joy. She hated it all. She wanted what she used to have. 

So, as you think of your marriage, how are you doing? Your words notwithstanding, how excited are you to be the wife of your husband? How excited are you to go to bed with him at night, to wake up with him in the morning, and to spend your days together? If your marriage has become a "mature" marriage with no passion, do you like it this way? 

Do not tell me how your marriage used to be. "It was great. No, really. It was." 

Tell me how it was this morning and last night. 

Tell me how it will be today.

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