Well, it's here again. Football season. For whatever reason, this tends to be a problem for some couples. 

The problem, normally, is that the husband likes football a lot and the wife likes it little or not at all. The husband wants to spend Saturday watching his college team and Sunday watching his pro team. The wife wants to do "something else." When children are in high school, you can add Friday night games to the list. This is a huge, gigantic, unbelievably big problem!

Well, actually, it isn't that big a problem. Most college football games are on in the early afternoon, which is not exactly a great time for doing "something else," which can be done on Saturday morning or Saturday night. Four hours on Saturday afternoon is not really the end of your marriage, is it?

Now, if you like football as much as your husband likes it, then no problem. If you don't, then give this some thought. 

For four hours on Saturday and, again, on Sunday, you have free time. You can go shopping, take a nap, work on your memoirs, or spend time on Facebook with friends. In fact, you can do just about anything as long as the game is on. Trust me. He won't mind. 

The same thing applies on Sunday. 

But, beyond the practical, there is this: it is just a game. That's what you tell him over and over, right? It's just a game. 

So, to the annoyed wife, think a minute. It's just a game. It gives him pleasure for several hours, pleasure that does not require him to stand in the heat (or cold) watching children stand in lines to do things. It does not require him to deal with customers or face his boss or worry about his bank account. All that time you have at home (if you are a stay at home mom) during the day, that free time in the sense of no boss present, that is his football time. 

It's just a game. 

This is one of those little things that tell us a lot about being excellent wives. How do you deal with football? Do you deal in love, or not?

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