Fridays are interesting days for a lot of people. It is the end of school week (for those with children in school) and, somehow, everyone feels like something special "ought to happen" on Friday. People who stay home all week want to go out. 

People who work all week away from home, on the other hand, often just want to rest. Friday night becomes a time when they (usually husbands) have to "take their wife out to dinner." "Date your wife" they are told by every pastor and every counselor and every TV show. Now, they like having dinner with their wives, but doing the same thing over and over is not really very exciting. Besides, why doesn't their wife date them?

Think about it. Why not date him? I do not mean simply to go out with him, but to actually prepare an evening with him in mind. 

So, in doing him good this Friday, think a little. Maybe going out is important to him. If it is, you take him out. You pay for the meal (yes, I know all the money belongs to both of you, but still, it makes a difference who signs). Do not talk about where the budget money comes from or to who it is billed. Go see some "guy flick" (or at least a real man's movie) with him. Go get some ice cream after the movie and just let him talk (if he will). Maybe go somewhere and walk around a bit in the cooler air. Get to know him a little.

And if he doesn't like going out (or you can't afford it), then stay home. Fix a nice meal that he will like. Get the children out of the way early and watch something he would like to watch with you (men love to watch movies with their wives). 

In other words, spend an evening on him. Not an evening where he is dating you, but an evening where you are dating him. This wonderful man whom you married and who seems to be hard to catch sometimes, comes in your door sometime this evening. He may think he is coming home to the job of entertaining you, but he will find out that he is the guest tonight, not the host. 

It's not every night, but some nights a man needs to be a guest and to enjoy his wife's attention and love, the same attention and love you gave him when you first married. 

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