Back to Monday, so was your weekend short or long? We talk about this all the time, after all. We will say we had a "short weekend" or a "long weekend," that the "year is passing quickly" or that the "year is just crawling by." Time, after all, is relative, at least in our experience of it. 

What did you do this weekend? Was there anything important done? We saw family at a wedding (which is always nice), but did not really do much else. Our grandchildren came over to swim on Sunday afternoon. We spent some time Facebooking on our son's basic training website. 

But what about your marriage? Did anything important happen this weekend between you and your husband? Was there an argument or a disagreement? DId you do something good for him (or did he do something good for you)?

Weekends are "days off" for a lot of people, meaning they do not go to their jobs. Unfortunately, some people think they are also "days off" for their marriage. People will work all week on "being patient" or "being kind," then take the weekend off. This, of course, is a very bad practice. Not only is it illogical, but the weekend is when you can do the most that is good. 

I have learned that a pleasant weekend with my family (especially my wife) is a great weekend, whether it is long or short. That my wife's attention on a weekend is not less valuable, but more valuable to me, because it is more extended.

Whether long or short, you will have hundreds of weekends together. Make them count, not in the artificial "we need to do something on our weekends" way of imposing on others, but in the way that you interact with people. Ultimately, it's not about where you go or what you see, but about who you are. 

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