In considering trust on this Tuesday, look around. 

If you are a homemaker, then you are probably at home. Of all the "things" with which your husband trusts you, the home in which you live is the biggest and most valuable. How is that trust thing working out?

When he leaves for work, leaving you at home, what happens to his home? There are several options. Some women work to make the home a better place. They clean, they decorate, they see the home as a place of work and of love. They love their husbands by taking care of the home with which they are entrusted. Other women do not take this approach, and see the home as something to be "maintained," that is, to be kept clean when necessary. There are yet others who do nothing from day to day, sometimes spending more time in bed or on their computers. These two groups see the home not as a place of work and of love, but as a "place to live." They are wrong.

Every day, when he comes home, he can see immediately what you have done with the "trust" of the home. He knows by its cleanliness, by its welcome (or lack thereof), by its condition whether you are trustworthy.  But many men, most younger men, will say nothing. Why? Because they have been taught not to say anything. 

When he is gone, and you are home, what happens to the trust of the home? What will your husband see when he comes in today? 

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