I know, we all know, that Sunday is the "first day of the week." But, for most people, it doesn't feel that way at all. Monday is the first day of the week in most people's minds and experiences. 

And it is not usually a happy first day either. We tend to awaken tired and groggy (because we have different sleep patterns on weekends) and go to work, which is not as much fun as staying home. For a lot of people, of course, they work through the weekends and have different experiences but they can identify with the "Monday" feeling, even if it is another day for them.

Do something great today. It's Monday. In most of the country, it is hot. Children are headed back to school down here in Georgia. The fall seems too far away and the heat just continues. And it's Monday. 

Do something great today. Do something for your husband today. In some way, make an effort to make this a really good day. Be positive in your conversations with him. (Have you ever thought about what your morning conversations are like?) Be happy when he gets home. In country music terms, be happy that he gets home. 

Do something. Make today a special day, not just another Monday.

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