Long ago, we divided the year up into months, days, and such, for our own convenience. God did the same thing when he gave such divisions to Israel (starting in Exodus 12). There is a convenience about having such repetitions and divisions in our lives.

Americans have a tradition of making "New Year's Resolutions" at the start of a New Year, which we start on January 1. The insanity of starting a "new year" in the midst of winter seems to escape most of us, but so it is. 

Now, we are a month into the year. WIthout buying into the whole "New Year's Resolution" idea, how are you doing? How was your month as a person, as a mother, and as a wife. These are, after all, rather different questions, aren't they?

As a person, you have certain hopes and ideas for your time. You would like to lose weight, perhaps, or learn a new language, or learn to make a perfect pot roast. 

As a mother, you would like to be more patient or, perhaps, more stern. You would like to better discipline your children and have them learn something new and special (the piano, the violin, how to make their beds, etc.). 

So, as a wife, what do you want? Have you set down and thought about being an Excellent Wife in the coming year? How did you do in January?

Were you kinder, more organized, more disciplined, more patient, more understanding toward your husband? Did you, in January, make your husband's life better day by day? Or did you have a few bad days? 

Months have very little significance, to be honest. But maybe this could be a significance just for you. Weeks seem kind of short for any real thoughts about how you are doing. Years are much too long to actually condense into any one idea. But a month is pretty straightforward. 

How was your month? If it was a good month for you as an Excellent Wife, then be glad and thankful and get ready for February. If it was not a good month, then put it aside and get ready for February. 

After all, being an Excellent Wife has this nice feature -- every day is a new day and a new chance to do it right.

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