On my continuing drive toward an empty nest, this was a good weekend. My youngest child got his drivers license. The driving test was Saturday morning and he passed. He drove himself to school today. He is 17 years old. 

No more driving lessons. I cannot tell you how much I am glad to say those words. Four children have gone through the Mom and Dad driving school. We have sat in multiple cars, watching our children learn to drive. We have taught them to parallel park, to back up, to use blinkers (which will make them unlike most drivers). Now, it is over. The school is closed. (Don't even think about my granddaughters. They will not learn from me.)

Another milestone. Soon enough (a couple of years), my wife and I will be back together again as we were when we were young -- no children at home. I am looking forward to this experience a great deal. 

The great risk, of course, is that we will be unhappy when children are gone. Too many people invest all their life and energy in their children. As for me, my investment is in my wife. My most important relationship is with my wife. My plan for the future is my wife. 

What is your plan? Is the idea of life without children hard for you? If so, then why have you created such a terrible reality? 

The goal of parenting is to raise competent, functioning adults. They do not leave because we failed, but because we succeeded. Marriage is about the person you married. My wife. Your husband. They are the point of marriage. 

Think, today, about your family. Who is the most important person to you in your family? If it is anyone other than your husband, then you have missed the whole point of marriage. 

Make your husband the center of your relationship today. After all, one day, he will be all the daily relationship you have.

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