We are on a family trip. Almost all of us take trips as a family every now and then. How do you see these trips?

When you are first married, trips are for both partners in the relationship, You spend time together and do things you both enjoy. Then, the children come and the years pass. Family trips become real "family trips," mostly aimed at the younger members of the family. Over time, trips often become just more work for the parents. You and your husband become facilitators of youthful joy and have no real vacation of their own.

Often, these trips are a frustration for both parents. You share hotel rooms (so no love making) and meals (so no romancing) and, when it is all over, you fall exhausted into your home. No vacation for parents. And often, it becomes harder and harder to enjoy one another at all. 

No matter what it takes, no matter how hard it may be, you need to avoid this problem. Find some way to have some vacation time with your husband. Keep your temper at all times. Be pleasant in the car while traveling, pleasant when at meals, pleasant whenever possible. Take his hand, kiss him, sit close to him. You are not babysitters, you are parents, married partners for life. 

Even if you have no privacy on a trip, make him know that you wish you had some privacy, that you still love him, and that he is still the most important person in the world to you. 

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