Here is your "pop test," a decades long favorite of teachers everywhere..

We have talked about a lot of things that characterize an excellent wife. How have you been doing this last 24 hours?

         An excellent wife is worthy of trust.

So, how was yesterday and this morning? Did you behave as a person who is worthy of trust? In your conversations with friends, how "anti-husband" were you? Did you have a time of complaining about him? Did you act carefully with the things that are entrusted to you?

         An excellent wife does her husband good every day of his life, and not evil.

What good did you do for your husband yesterday? Again, as we discussed before, this is not about regular chores, but about things that you do to make his life better. Did you cook anything special? Did you leave him a note he could find about your love for him? Did you do anything, yesterday, to remind him of why he married you in the first place?

          An excellent wife is diligent.

This is pretty simple, isn't it? How diligent were you yesterday? How much of what needed to be done did you accomplish yesterday?

          An excellent wife is wise.

What did you do yesterday that reflected the wisdom that comes from God? When your children fought (or your co-workers fought), were you a voice of reason and calm? Did you manifest your "deeds in the gentleness of wisdom," as James tells us in scripture? Did you avoid foolish arguments and give up trying to score meaningless points against others?

         An excellent wife has a gentle and quiet spirit.

Was yesterday a day of gentle and quiet? Did your husband come home to a gentle and quiet home, or a home of noise and anxiety?

It's just a quick pop quiz. Five easy questions. 

How did you do?

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