Men are frequently told that they are supposed to "romance" their wives. They are usually told this by their wives or by someone who does not know them. Men are supposed to set up "date nights" and special outings with their wives. This is very important, we are told. 

Okay, fine. Wives, romance your husbands. 

Wait, I never hear that. In all of my life of listening to people preach and teach on marriage, no one has ever said "wives, set up a date night with your husband." No one has ever said "wives, romance your husbands." Why not?

Well, I think it is because we have reached an odd stage, especially in Christian marriage, where husbands are just not considered very valuable. I remember grocery bags from my Navy days, where the local commissary (grocery store) had bags that said "Navy Wife -- Toughest Job in the Navy." Sounds nice, but it is not true. Being under fire is a lot tougher than having a husband being under fire, but that is how we think about things. Husbands are just not valued.

Your husband is not valued by this culture. Did you realize that? There are all kinds of websites and special books about how great wives are. Where are the ones about how great husbands are? Nowhere. Or, at least, not as obvious.

Why don't you take a different approach? Instead of waiting for him to appreciate you, how about appreciating him? 

Romance your husband. Sit down and think about what you can do for him, to show him how special he is to you. You might be surprised how many ways there are to make your husband special. 

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