Do it again. 

No, seriously, the thing you did yesterday for fun. Calling your husband or sending him a note or doing something else that was fun, do it again. Why? To show him you mean it.

All of us have a little trick we pull frequently. We will decide that we "need to" do something (exercise, clean house, learn Latin, something). So, we do it once. Then, we wait a few days and maybe do it again a couple of times, and then we quit. Why? Because we really didn't want to do it anyway.

So, you did something fun for or with your husband. If he is like most husbands, he was pleased and a little troubled by the sudden change. If you only do it once, then it tells him (and you) that it wasn't real anyway. You weren't really caring about him, you were just trying something once to see what you could get. If he didn't respond like you wanted him to, it may be because he is puzzled or because you were wrong in your expectations. So what, do it again.

Do you care about him? Do you want him to be happy? Do you want him to look forward to seeing you after his work day? Do you want him to be proud of his wife in front of his co-workers? Do you want people to admire the strength and joy of your marriage? Then do it again. 

We all live on little roads we travel day in and day out. We have ruts in which we travel, and ruts are usually good, that's why they are ruts. They are the easiest route. 

But getting out of a rut and into a new life is hard. You have to force yourself to do what you ought to naturally do. It is like getting used to anything new. You have to do it again. 

So, send him a note. Call him at work. Do something. 

Or admit that you never really cared anyway.

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