Every now and then, something happens that brings a quick thought. Here is my quick thought -- How much do you smile? 

Sitting in a restaurant, you see lots of couples. I watch couples and one of the most obvious differences is smiling. The smile of a woman is of immense importance to a man. I mean almost any woman and almost any man. Men will move heaven and earth for a smile. 

Yet, many wives never smile. They sit, serious-faced, all through a meal. They do not smile. They do not laugh. They talk or discuss, but there is no pleasure in it. Who wants to live like that?

Some women will say "well, he should make me smile." I would agree with that entirely. He should make you smile. Not because he does anything to please you, but because he is the man you love. Or, at least, you did love him. 

You used to smile at him. He would not have married you without your smile. He would never have dated you a second time without your smile. Your smile carried you through the first couple of years of adjusting and getting to know one another. Where is it now?

Make up your mind to smile tonight. Smile when he gets home. Smile when you kiss him when he gets home. Smile as you tell him something positive and encouraging. Let him know you really are glad you married him. 

Because if you don't smile, he will never know whether you are are happy or not.

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