One of the hardest issues in dealing with marriage is how different our situations may be. Some of you are "homemakers" and some of you are "workers outside the home." Some of you have heavy days filled with schedules and burdens, while some have a lot of free time to do with as you choose. Some of you spend all day with demanding bosses and are exhausted when you get home. Some of you spend days with an ill relative who requires constant attention.

Yet, each of you has a calling to be an "excellent wife" and each of you has to determine how to do that within your situation. We can talk (and will talk) about all kinds of situations, but the decision is ultimately yours. 

The excellent wife faces a world of options and a household of burdens, but has embraced her situation and uses it to be the woman she needs to be, not as a reason to keep her from success.  The answer for an excellent wife is never "if I could only change my situation." 

The answer is changing yourself and how you deal with the situation. 

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