I saw something really great this morning, that most wives would not have noticed. It is a sad truth that wives seem to be entirely unaware of very important things. 

In a restaurant parking lot, I saw a couple get out of one of those large trucks. The husband was driving and the wife got out of the other side. As she came around the back of the parked truck, he was waiting on her. She came up to him and took his arm. He smiled.

She took his arm. 

I have spoken to women over the years and they seem entirely unaware of this very simple truth. Men love it when you take their arm. How long has it been? 

The look on the young man's face should have been photographed and put on the front page of every book on marriage. He was happy. He was in love. He was with a woman who loved being with him. Why? She took his arm. 

Now, of course, there was a lot more than taking his arm. There always is more, which is why taking his arm means something. But taking his arm matters. 

Wives complain about husbands "not being romantic," by which they usually have some general ideas about flowers or presents or how they feel. But wives are very seldom romantic in a way that men value. Men do not want flowers (which are nothing). Men do not want chocolates. Men want you to take their arm. Men want you to show that you love them by how you treat them, not by spending money.

Taking his arm tells everyone in sight that he is your man. Taking his arm tells him and everyone else that you like being with him. Taking his arm is intimate (no one else takes his arm). Taking his arm is personal, private, precious, pleasant. 

Yet I see couples all the time and almost no wives taking a man's arm this way. Speaking as a man, let me tell you something. I would rather my wife take my arm than celebrate my birthday. I would rather have her take my arm than have her walk with me like a partner. I want her to be a wife, and wives are not partners. Wives are lovers. Lovers take a man's arm.

You may think that it would "seem strange" to do something so impulsive, so intimate, so unusual. Yes, it would seem strange to you. Why? Because you do not really love him that much, do you? You no longer look forward to seeing him when you come around the back of the parked truck. You are no longer thrilled to walk with him through the mall. You are no longer proud to be with him. You do not love him, after all. 

Is that the message? Have you stopped being a lover? 

The place where you see women take a man's arm is in youth. Young couples do this naturally, warmly, passionately, comfortably. Because their love is more important than their "personal space" and they do not mind letting everyone know this is Their Man and they are proud to be with him.  

Do you love your husband? Take his arm. Today. You may be amazed at his response.

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