We played in the Georgia State Tennis Tournament this weekend. The tournament was hosted in my hometown, so this (for me) was just a busy tennis weekend. Get up, go play, go home. Pretty simple. But there was something at the tournament that was interesting. Wives and husbands. Lots of them. Many with small children (older children, of course, were in school).

From all over the state, husbands and wives came to this tournament. Many couples played tennis together (not in this tournament, but in mixed doubles tournaments). Many couples were just together because they are, you know, married. They love each other. While playing our matches, our opponents wives would watch and cheer their husbands shots (even not really great shots). They would greet them after the match with a kiss and a hug. They had evenings together in a new town and you could hear them talking about restaurants to visit as you walked around. They had a great time at this tennis tournament.

Would you have gone with your husband to a tennis tournament? Does he want you to go with him? 

There are too many couples where the wife would not want to go and the husband would prefer she stay home. Why? Because she would complain all the time and make both of them miserable. She would not go because she loved being with her husband, but because she wanted to keep an eye on him. She would complain about the times of the matches and the boredom of watching her husband play tennis.. 

But some women love watching their husbands play tennis. No, seriously. They do. Even though he is not very good (we are 3.5 players, which means average players). They love watching him play tennis because they love him. Does that sound silly to you? If so, then that is a really sad commentary on how you feel about your husband.

Do you love your husband? Do you love seeing him do something he enjoys? These women did love their husbands. And the pride and pleasure their husbands took in their love was obvious to see.

There were some great matches at the tournament this weekend. Only a few were on the tennis court. 

The rest were for life.

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