Well, it's Thanksgiving week again. Things have certainly changed over time. I remember when Thanksgiving was a two-day school holiday, now my son has the whole week off. My college daughter is home as well, with the whole week off. I have no idea who thought of this but I, at least, am against it. I am sitting at work. 

Anyway, it is Thanksgiving week. Another holiday. Are you ready? Isn't it odd that "are you ready" becomes the big question? Do you know what you are going to do for Thursday? Where will you eat? What will you eat? You must have a plan, right?

How often do you have to plan your Thursday weeks in advance? That's what holidays do for us. 

Will it be turkey? Or goose? Or beef? Enquiring minds want to know.

It would be useless to tell you to relax about Thanksgiving. If you are nervous now, you will not stop being nervous because I tell you to relax. If you are not nervous, then you do not need my advice on holidays.

Let's do this, at least. Try to spend some of the extended days off with your children (if you have children) and try to spend some time with your husband as well. Do not let the worries about Thursday ruin your Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Keep some lid on all the stress. 

And if you are not worried, then good for you. This is just another holiday. If you can have turkey, fine. If not, fine. Spend some time with your family and spend some time actually being thankful. 

The key here is simple: do not let the holiday make you crazy. If you are yelling at anyone because of the holiday, you are already in trouble. If the day for giving thanks becomes a day for being angry, then you are in trouble. If someone forgets to bring what they said they would bring, relax. 

Let's make a simple goal. Let's have a Thanksgiving without anyone yelling at anyone. Let's have a Thanksgiving with relaxation and, well, some thankfulness. 

And cranberries. We must have something with cranberries.

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