As I have written before, I am not a fan of the whole Valentine's Day plan. Far too many people place a lot of stock in "what happens on Valentine's Day," which means they care about what happens that does not happen every other day. They want something "special." 

Well, let's think about what you "got" for Valentine's Day.

1.    Did you have your husband in your bed last night? Seriously. Did you? You may not think this is a big deal, but it is huge. The number of divorces and abandonments continues to amaze us. There are many women who were once married who slept alone last night. There are many women who are still married whose husband was in someone else's bed. You may not like his snoring, but his presence is very big indeed.

2.    Did your husband go to work today? Again, this may not mean much to you, but it ought to. Recently, the President has been claiming that he is responsible for "unemployment going down," but that is just a game of numbers. The government no longer counts men who just aren't looking for jobs anymore. If your husband is working and making money, that is a gift of great value. He is putting up with annoying co-workers and complaining customers and interfering government agencies, so you can have a home to live in. Did you count this in your day?

3.    Did your husband come home this evening? There are a lot of places a man can go when he decides to go home. There are bars and bookstores and libraries everywhere, but he comes home. 

So, if these three things happened, you already have all you need for proof of love, don't you? You have a man who, in a world that tells him to indulge himself and ignore his duties, has held to his vow to you. You have a man whose life is forfeit to his word, who continues, day by day, to love and honor you and your children. That is a pretty good gift for a foolish day pushed by card companies and candy makers.  

Did he sit and spend time with your children? Did he fix something? Did he take care of bills? Did he hold your hand this evening? All of these are great gifts. 

When you sit down with your girlfriends and talk about Valentine's Day, think about these things. They will want to talk about some card he purchased (which is a commercially made card sold to thousands of other people). They will want to talk about chocolate he purchased (which is just like the chocolate sold to thousands of other persons). They will want to talk about the flowers he purchased (just like the flowers  purchased by thousands of other persons, all of which will be dead next week). 

Your husband will probably bring you some of that stuff as well, but it is just noise, not actual love. Cards and candy and flowers are not proof of love. The greatest proof of his love comes when he leaves home to head to work every day and when he comes home after work. You know those times, when you kiss him hello or kiss him goodbye. 

You did kiss him today, didn't you? 

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