Here it is, Thursday again. I have no idea how we got here. Seems like it was just Thursday yesterday, but I am assured this is not the case. A whole week has passed. 

When I was a child, I had the idea that time went on forever. It seemed like each week took forever to go through. A "month from now" comment was like a promise of the end of the world. Now, it seems like a commitment to tomorrow. 

I think most of us, when we are young, think that we are busy. We are sure that we "do so many things" and "have to think about a lot of things," but we are wrong. Children live in a world of almost no burdens, certainly no burdens comparable to your current burdens. Time does pass slowly, but for only a short time. 

What have you done in the last seven days? Is your husband a happier husband than he was seven days ago? Have you been a better wife? Have you gotten rid of some problems and habits you would like to get rid of? Have you learned something new? Have you done anything?

A week has passed. A whole week. I know a lot happened in that week. I taught two classes (you can find them at I spoke to many people, I attended a hearing, I prepared some paperwork, but, right now, I don't feel like I did any of it. The days pass so rapidly.

Take a moment, today, to stop and think. First, take a good look at your last week and the things you accomplished. Maybe you spend a few minutes with a teen-age son who finally was in the mood to talk, Maybe you spent some quality time with your husband. You did something in those seven days.

Now, think about what you did wrong. If a camera had filmed you for seven days, how did you do? Were you supportive,positive, loving, helpful? Were you bitter, short-tempered, angry? Were you loving to you your husband? Were you kind to others?

Finally, think about the days ahead. How will they be? Who will you be?

A week has passed. It is hard to believe. How many more will you have? You never know. 

Make this one a good one.

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