Well, Andrew left yesterday for the Army (basic training in Missouri). We still have two children at home, but they are growing fast and we will be down to one this summer. The "empty nest" awaits us.

This is an important reminder for each of us. There was a time when we were just a couple. Think back to before the children came, when your husband was the center of your social life. You came home just to see him. You spoke and shared and spent time with each other in the early joys of marriage. 

Then, the children came. They were so small and so precious and they demanded attention. They slept in your bed (sometimes) and dominated everything in your life for years.  They became the force that drove you and your husband apart.

But, when they are gone, with whom will you live? Your husband. 

So many of our divorces arise because of children, not because the children want or cause them, but because the husband and wife stop being the center of each other's daily life. They become "parents," not a loving couple who spend time with each other by choice.

So, look at your husband and think of these things:

Is your presence still a daily joy to him?
Is he still the most important person to you in all the world?
If so, could anyone watching you know that?

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