We are getting ready to attend a graduation ceremony for Army Basic Training. In the ceremony, we will see a lot of young men who have not yet chosen a wife. It makes you think -- Why would they ever choose to take a wife?

This is a serious question. What is it about your husband's life that would recommend marriage to his male friends? Does he have more freedom to do what he wants to do or to serve his God? Well, no, he doesn't. He has to spend a lot of his time and effort on you (or he had better). This was Paul's point, after all. Once a man is married, then he is concerned with how to please his wife. He will not get more freedom in marriage.

Will he have more money with which to serve or to enjoy his life? Well, not usually. He will be sharing his money with you. He cannot give where he wants to give or spend where he wants to spend, either for himself or in God's service, because he has to deal with a wife in everything.

Why would he marry? Today and tomorrow, I will see dozens of bright young disciplined soldiers. What have they seen that would make them desire marriage?

If you have sons, do they look at their father's life and envy his marriage? Do they hope that one day they will have someone like you to share their life with? Someone who is wise, who does good for her husband, who is gentle and kind and quiet and understanding. 

What do others see of marriage in your life? 

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